Vision Solar, a Pennsylvania-based renewable energy company, announced the opening of two new locations in Reading, Pennsylvania, and Edison, New Jersey. The company has invested about $500,000 in capital towards growth and has hired more than 30 employees in the two new locations as part of its expansion effort. Vision Solar aims to grow its operations with a more local footprint to serve the residents and communities of Pennsylvania and New Jersey better.

“Vision Solar is proud to announce two new locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,” states Mike Eden, the CSO of Vision Solar. “Vision Solar has always shown deep commitment to local communities and this expansion effort will provide us with additional opportunities to serve the residents of these areas even better than before. What’s a better way to give back to the community than serving the people and protecting the environment?”

Reinventing the Solar Experience

Renewable energy is the future of humanity, with solar energy taking the lead in meeting the energy needs of residential and commercial buildings. The company offers a $0 down financing program, with reported savings of 30%. Vision Solar claims ic can complete an installation 24 hours after permitting has been granted.

The entire process is taken care of in-house, maintaining only one point of contact rather than a number of different contractors. Vision Solar manages everything starting from the design of the project all the way to the installation and activation to make sure that their customers receive the very best service possible.

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