With the continuous change in climate experienced, the world is getting hotter day by day. We opt to cool our home by buying a cooling system which ends up consuming much of the electricity. So why spend more to cool your house when you can use solar cooler. This kind of evaporative cooler uses solar energy for cooling. The solar air conditioner uses a high-efficiency system which is integrated into the solar thermal panel. This combination produces the best cooling system that is energy efficient available today.

What are the solar air cooler?

A solar air cooler works quite like traditional evaporative cooler. The only different is the power source. Normal air cooler running on electric supply, solar coolers operate on solar power. These coolers can either get the power directly from solar panels or a battery that saves the power. Duding the day, there’s sufficient sunlight and hence the cooler runs directly on the DC current from solar panels. During the night or low sunshine times, the solar power stored in a battery runs the cooler. In any case, there are use of AC current which makes solar cooler highly economical.

How does solar air cooler work?

Solar air cooler use the evaporative cooling to cool air. Evaporative cooling means cooling using water. Just like feeling on your skin as you leave a swimming pool. This is natural evaporative cooling at work. Due to endothermic reaction . This reaction converts liquid water into a gas and lower the temp of air molecules. For the solar evaporative air cooler operates using this principle. It works as a cooling fan that utilizes three key things: water, honeycomb cooling pad and pump. The pump pulls air across the water, lowering their temp. The pump is operated by a mechanical control system located within the cooler unit. The fan then distributes the cooled air to the intended space. Solar coolers get the power directly from solar panels or a battery that saves the power.

Solar electric system use solar cells to convert the Sun’s radiant energy into electricity. The DC electricity generated by the solar panels is then saved by a battery,

The fan pulls hot dry air and drives it through the moist cooling pads to convert it into cool fresh air.

Water from the bottom pan is pumped to the top and allowed to flow down over the pads, evenly saturating them. The powerful blower pulls air through the pads. Pushing the water to evaporate and low the ambient temp. The cooler air is then blown by fan at a hih velocity where ever you direct it.

Solar coolers are ideal for open areas. However, They perform brilliantly indoor as well. Easy to fix in the wall and on the roof, they not only provide cooling but also great ventilation.

2 Things to Know Before choosing Solar Cooler

– Motor wiring:

100% copper wiring is best for air cooler. Some suppliers use aluminum motor wiring to cut the cost but will end up compromising the quality of the product.

– Cooling pad :

In order to make your solar cooler function effectively, you need to choose the right cooling pad based on size and thickness. You should choose thicker and bigger cooling pad, as it will make a good cooling performance. We high recommend the Honeycomb Cooling Pads, it is designed for maximum efficiency and less maintenance.


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