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• I’m happy GPD is connecting with residents of the Duval neighborhood to improve their quality of life by eliminating drug dealers in their community. I’m just wondering what the term “non-violent drug dealer” is supposed to mean. Who’s kidding whom? Everybody knows dealing drugs is a dangerous business involving illegal drugs, money and guns. Violence is part of the lifestyle — just like pimps. If the police really want to eliminate drug dealing, they should stop playing games and treat all drug dealers like the criminals they are.

• The Gainesville city commissioners have taken a page out of the Trump playbook: Deny, then blame the public for demanding accountability in government.

• The city commissioners, I believe, insulate themselves from the citizenry, therefore creating a sense of frustration and a sense of powerlessness. Inclusiveness is necessary to democracy.

• Déjà vu. We’ve seen this picture before. Every time citizens go to City Hall in large numbers to voice their concerns, commissioners retaliate.

• Please four-lane Northwest 43rd between 39th and 441. It would be wonderful before you keep building on it. And I don’t know why they planted trees there when there were already trees.

• An op-ed piece in the Sunday (March 25) editorial page of The Sun stated that, thanks to Republican leadership in Florida, teaching is no longer the only occupation available to young women. Really? I graduated from college in 1964 in a Democratic state far away from Florida, and there were many, many, many options for me as a young woman. Where have you been for the last 55 years if you think that just now teaching is not the only option?

• When I first came to Gainesville in the early 1970s, I walk told, “Don’t walk east of Northwest Sixth Street. The area’s dangerous.” Now I’m told, “Don’t walk east of Waldo Road. It’s dangerous.” Is this progress?

• According to TV20 News on Tuesday (March 26) night, quite a few local counties are getting large solar-energy fields. My question to the city commission is: How many solar panels could GRU have bought for $750 million?

• Let’s put Mr. Mueller’s probe in perspective. Five people were sentenced to prison. One person convicted at trial. Seven people pleaded guilty. Thirty-seven people and entities were charged. A total of 199 criminal counts. I would say that Mr. Mueller has a lot more to celebrate. And this is not the end of the probe. It’s Mueller’s end of the probe, but there are more areas that will be completely checked from top to bottom. This is an unbelievable history that’s going to go down in our history books, and it is not what I really wanted to see in the United States of America, to have this looming over all of us.

• The Democrats in Congress are concerned about Ivanka’s proper preservation of her emails. Why don’t they look at Hillary’s emails; the ones that were on a private server? Oh, yeah, she erased 30,000 of them. Why don’t they look at Hillary?

• Trump lovers: Do you understand the budget for Medicare and Social Security?

• I think the news media, including the local newspaper here, should apologize for the vile ways they have mistreated Trump.


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