Solar devices are being used to monitor Dunedin's parking needs.

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Solar devices are being used to monitor Dunedin’s parking needs.

Solar sensor units are being used to monitor parking spots, but not for enforcement, the Dunedin City Council insists.

Motorists using some short-term parks have noticed the small solar-powered units around Dunedin.

The council installed the sensors “to monitor which parks are used, how long they are used for and how often parking turns over”, council group manager transport Richard Saunders said.

“The sensors are a great tool to help us make decisions about how we manage parking.”

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Data collected from the devices was not used for enforcement, he said.

“It’s simply a way to see how the parks in an area are used over a period of time.”

Data gathered by the sensors would help show whether the parking provided was suitable and what changes might be needed to meet the area’s needs.

Last week, the Otago Daily Times reported city motorists spent nearly $2 million on 64,341 parking fines issued in 2018.

That number was up from the 58,802 fines issued the previous year.


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