MEDICINE HAT, AB – The recent extreme cold temperatures and snow have left some residents asking questions about their solar panels.

Owner of Terralta, Marcus Campbell, says snow and ice certainly reduces their energy production.

In the grand-scheme of things though, Campbell believes dealing with less output during four-months out of the year isn’t all that bad.

“When we look at your annual harvest, eight-per cent of that actually takes place in the winter months,” explained Campbell. “The other ninety-two per cent of your harvest is going to take place in spring, summer and fall.”

Campbell says when they model a solar panel system, they always account for snow coverage during the winter months.Ā 

And if for some reason your panel is loaded with snow and ice, Campbell suggests that you leave it.

“Now, because of safety concerns, we just suggest people leave their panels how they are and where they are. Eventually that snow will shed. It is literally a set it and forget it technology. You mount it on your roof and let it do its thing.”

He says that’s the joy of living in the area we do.

“Unfortunately, we live in a climate where there’s snow. The advantage of the climate and area we live in, is we have some of the best solar-potential in the whole world. I think we rank sixth globally, so there is that one upside.”


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