MORRISON – City Council members are expected to put into place regulations and fees for solar farms in the city at the council meeting tonight.

The ordinance covers all such solar farms from small to large and spells out the definitions for what is a solar farm and the regulations of how they are to be used. It also contains requirements for taking them out of service when owners no longer need or want them.

The permitted uses under the solar farms ordinance include those rooftop gardens, ground-mounted gardens and solar farms. Those wishing to install a solar garden or farm must go through a permitting process and pay the required permit fee.

Those fees would range from $150 for the smallest which is 0-10 kilowatts to the largest which is $6,000 for those 2,000 kilowatts or more. An additional charge of $200 will be added for every 100 kilowatts above 2,000.

Morrison City Administrator Barry Dykhuizen also will continue his update for council members on the progress for the Fiscal Year 2019-20 budget which begins May 1.

To attend

The Morrison City Council next meets at 7 p.m. tonight at the Whiteside County Board Room, 400 N. Cherry.  

The agendas will be posted at morrisonil.org and at City Hall. Call 815-772-7657 for more information.


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