A plan by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to reach 6 gigawatts of solar energy in New York in the next six years could lead to the creation of more than 11,000 jobs, a solar industry group found in a report released Friday.

The report from Vote Solar highlighted the economic benefits and effects that solar jobs would have for the state’s economy as well as local governments.

The report is being released as the state Assembly later on Friday will hold a public hearing in New York City on the broader Community and Climate Protection Act.

“New York’s policies have helped build a strong local solar workforce and make the Empire State a leader in our nation’s clean energy transition, but our climate crisis demands more,” said Sean Garren, the organization’s senior northeast director and a co-author of the report.

“This report shows that New York can make meaningful climate progress at the same time that it’s creating good jobs and spurring investment in more resilient communities with an ambitious solar plan.”

At the moment, New York has installed 1.425 gigawatts of solar energy. To meet the 6 gigawatt goal by 2025, there will need to be a steep increase in the number of jobs in the solar energy industry, including 11,253 full-time positions during construction and additional operation and maintenance jobs over the lifetime of the projects.

The report estimated the jobs will generate $5.7 billion in earnings and $10.9 billion in economic benefits on the local level.

“Achieving 6 GW by 2025 would not only underscore New York’s place as a clean energy leader but also help over a million households directly benefit from solar,” the report found.




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