Stroudsburg, Monroe County- (WBRE/WYOU) Litter is becoming a major problem in the Poconos and it’s not just on the roads. The garbage can in downtown Stroudsburg are overflowing and that means the trash ends up on the ground. Now, there’s a plan for improvement.

Using grant money, the city plans on purchasing solar compacting trash cans to solve the overflow problem. Local resides are looking forward to the streets looking clean.

“I’ve never heard of them before, but it sounds like a great idea and I think it’s going to benefit the town,” says Arlene Hargrave of East Stroudsburg.

Instead of letting the garbage pile up and overflow, the new cans will compact it meaning more trash and less mess. Once the solar cans are getting full, they send out an alert to be changed.

“One of the issues we have is that our streets department doesn’t work on the weekends,” Mayor Tarah Probst says. “So, Stroudsburg has a very active downtown and by Monday morning, there’s trash.”

Another problem is people dumping big bags of household grabage into public trashcans. Business owners in the downtown area who see the mess firsthand are liking the plan, too.

“I think that would be great. Anything to make downtown look a little prettier would just be nice,” says Paula Fitzpatrick, owner of Fitzpatrick’s Celtic & Irish Store.

The solar cans cost nearly $240,000 and are expected to come in the fall.

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