Sharon Brauner

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I do not believe solar smart benches will be well used in Jefferson City. We do not have the clientele for this type of service in our city, and if parents or guardians are at the parks watching their children that is what they should be doing. Checking social media, playing games and texting takes your attention and eyes off the very thing you are there for. Take the time to play with or be involved with your children as they grow up way to fast.

In my opinion harnessing solar power to help pay for the park department’s electric bill would be a much better investment.

How long would it take for solar benches to pay for themselves? I bet having an electrician install USB ports in our parks would be a lot less expensive and serve the purpose for Jefferson City and the cost would be a lot less! I am definitely against purchasing more solar benches. The $25,000 spent for five solar benches would have paid for a lot of USB ports with money left to pay for many other needs the parks have, which is not being stuck in the stone age, it’s common sense.


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