Governor Evers addresses the Summit. Photo by Toby Grotz

The RENEW 2019 Renewable Energy Summit was held at the Monona Terrace conference center in Madison, Wisconsin. The building is on the shores of Lake Monona and was was inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright 1955 Night Rooftop Rendering and design of a gathering space as shown in the drawing below. This futuristic vision and space was the ideal location for a conference on renewable energy.

At the Summit, a strange and distorted message emanated from some of the invited speakers. It seems that the current approach of the utilities is “Hey! We got this!” We’re building solar and wind because — why? The so called “public utilities,” a term in code meaning not public, but rather investor-owned, want to keep a centralized and controlled energy system without rooftop solar on your house so they can pay, in the case of Excel Energy, their CEO $12 million a year and the next four white men under him $2 million each a year and pay stock dividends to greedy “infestors” on Wall Street.

And, by the way, even though they don’t have the technology to do it, and have no clue what technology they need to do it, Excel’s Mark Stoering, president of Xcel Energy of Wisconsin and Michigan, announced during the RENEW conference that Xcel will be fossil free by 2050.


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