Home Networking Solutions’ (HNS) client, MPC Engineering, has a solar power farm in rural Western Australiathat it needs to access remotely from the office in Perth in order to monitor the status of its standalone generators and obtain details of the solar energy generated from the solar panels. Due to complicated router settings with the various connection standards and protocols, it was time-consuming for HNS to set up remote access for each of their clients and there was no centralized management interface, resulting in lower work efficiency.



By introducing QNAP TVS-682 NAS, Home Networking Solutions was able to run Windows 7 Virtual Machine (VM) in Virtualization Station to monitor the solar power system and could easily configure network settings for the VMs using the built-in Network & Virtual Switch application. HNS has also implemented myQNAPcloud service for its employees and clients to gain access to the remote site from the office using different devices, providing easier accessibility and greater convenience. The TVS-682 also provides high-capacity storage for storing large surveillance video footages and the solar system’s statistics data.

  • Remote accessibility set-up made easy
  • NAS as a surveillance system
  • High-capacity and expandable storage space

Remote accessibility and network configurations were two challenges that HNS faced for this project. With QNAP Virtualization Station allowing for hosting virtual machines on QNAP TVS-682 and with the Network & Virtual Switch application simplifying the network deployment, HNS has avoided problems associated with an often complicated set-up while clients can easily access the VM to manage their remote solar systems through web browsers from the office.

Home Networking Solutions has also used QNAP QVR Pro surveillance application on the TVS-682 to monitor the solar power system in the remote site. Clients can easily switch from live view to playback mode over the monitored area using the QVR Pro client software via the web browsers or from mobile devices. When an event occurs, the QVR Pro will also send notifications to clients, ensuring they have complete control of the system status at all times.


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