Sheep in the solar power farm. Source: Pear Video

 A massive solar power farm in the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Northwest China’s Qinghai Province has come up with a shared-use plan for the land it occupies; it’s also raising more than 4,000 sheep. 

The solar power farm is reportedly one of the largest in the country and was built on land that was basically classified as a desert. 

“Due to abundant rainfall and reusing the water used to wash the solar panels for irrigation, grass (near the solar panels) is growing really well,” said Huang Xiwei, a company spokesperson told Pear Video.

As the sheep feed on the grass they also eliminate potential safety hazards within the zone. During the winter the dead grass could pose a potential fire hazard otherwise, said Huang.

“The profit earned from selling the sheep can be used to further develop the solar power farm. This is the circle of sustainability,” Li Sijia, a geography teacher told the Global Times on Sunday. 

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