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CANTON – The town board plans to hold a public hearing on March 27 at 6 p.m. to extend its solar moratorium another six months.

Initially put in place in July 2018, the moratorium puts off any construction of commercial-scale solar energy farms in town limits, to allow the town time to develop a policy regarding solar farm development. There currently is no such policy on the books.

If approved following the hearing, this is the second extension of the moratorium the board has passed. The first extension passed in December 2018 was only for three months, concluding later this month.

“I think if we would of did six the last time, we would have been fine,” said Town Councilman Bob Washo at the town board meeting March 13.

“This should be plenty,” said Town Councilman Tim Danehy.

“Well, it’s a big law and we haven’t see it yet, and there are other layers to it that we have to deal with, including the SEQR and there is a lot more to it,” said Washo.

Washo said the board should have a draft of the law by April 1.


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