By Stephen Betts | Mar 11, 2019

Owls Head — The Rockland area school board will consider a proposal to cover the roof of the Ash Point Community School with solar panels.

Revision Energy made an hour-long presentation Thursday night, March 7 to the Regional School Unit 13 Board. The Board took no action but Business Manager Peter Orne said talks would continue.

The installation cost would be $409,000 which Revision said could be financed by finding “impact investors.” The investor would then sell the electricity  to the school.

After five years, the school can purchase the solar system at 60 percent of the upfront costs.

The project would have 755 panels and two inverters.

The panels would provide more than enough electricity for the elementary school in Owls Head and would also provide credits to offset additional power costs for RSU 13.

Nick Sampson of Revision said not only would the district benefit by reduced electrical costs, but it would provide clean energy over the long-term. He said solar also has the benefit of providing educational opportunities for students and the community.

He estimated the district would save $3,000 a year on electricity.

Board member Gerald Weinand said one thing that troubled him is that the agreement is for 25 years and that each year the efficiencies of solar panel technology increases 2 to 3 percent so the district would be locking themselves into technology that will be outdated in several years.



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