Several major players have joined the Energy Web ecosystem as affiliates to help EWF reach this milestone, including German utility EnBW, French multinational energy company Total, and State Grid EV Service Co., a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China, the world’s largest utility.

Formed in early 2017, EWF’s affiliate ecosystem has grown rapidly from 37 in February 2018 to more than 100 today. As blockchain technology matures and as the energy sector takes an increasingly serious look at blockchain opportunities across a range of use cases, Affiliates play a number of crucial roles:

 –informing functional requirements and key features;

–hosting validator nodes for the decentralized network;

–developing applications that run on the core tech layer; and

–serving as a massive and influential cohort of early adopters that can help blockchain bridge from nascent technology ‘spot tested’ in numerous promising pilot projects to full-scale, enterprise-grade, commercial deployments.

“EWF is accelerating the transition toward a cleaner, more-resilient, and more cost-effective energy system,” said chief commercial officer Jesse Morris. “As the forces of digitalization and decentralization continue to drive a massive global energy transition, the Energy Web Chain—which will launch its genesis block later this year—presents an enormous opportunity for market participants of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of a novel solution to the challenges they face.”

This latest milestone for EWF comes on the heels of several other major announcements, including a landmark collaboration between EWF and PJM-EIS announced in fall 2018 and the recently announced collaboration between Iberdrola and FlexiDAO, who together are building a solution that runs on the Energy Web.

Co-founded by Rocky Mountain Institute and Grid Singularity, EWF is the largest energy blockchain ecosystem and the industry’s leading choice as the foundational blockchain base layer, providing the digital DNA building blocks powering the world’s energy future.

EWF and its affiliates will convene this June in Berlin for EventHorizon 2019, the leading global conference on blockchain in the energy sector.


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