MISSOULA- The Garden City is now 1 of 110 cities across the country recognizing climate change and making decisions to keep our Montana air clean and renewable.

As of yesterday, the Missoula City Council and County Commission unanimously voted to commit to powering both the city and the county with 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2030.

The 100% renewable energy commitment means that by the year 2030, the county and city will be operating on 100% hydro, solar, and wind generated power…which makes Missoula a 100% clean and green energy city.

Climate Smart Missoula and County Commission have been working for over five years on the renewable energy commitment, and now, officials say it’s time to get to work.

“What the city and county are going to do now is start to dive deeper into those options, and figure out what works best for our community and start working,” said State Director of Environment Montana, Skye Borden.

Experts say that while 2030 seems far, but it will come faster than we think, and thankfully, Missoula is already on its way.

“Fortunately we are not starting from zero. Roughly 60% that we currently get is clean or green, that’s wind, solar and existing hydro. All of our options promoting renewable energy locally and partnering with Northwestern Energy to make sure the energy they are providing is clean and green,” said Skye Borden.

While this energy commitment doesn’t include home electricity or cars, joining this movement is a huge step for Montana.

“It is part of a growing movement, we know have multiple states that have committed to 100% energy Missoula joins over 110 other communities across the nation, it’s the first in Montana, and we are really hopeful there will be more communities joining on board soon,” added Borden.


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