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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Marian House in Colorado Springs is “flipping the switch” with brand new solar panels.

By converting to solar panels, the Marian House becomes one of only five solar-powered soup kitchens and food banks in the country.

Thanks to the owners of Peak View Solar, $75,000 worth of solar panels were installed this week.

Nancy Brodhagen, Co-Owner of Peak View Solar said, “We donated a 90-panel system to allow them to supplement their energy usage.”

Nancy and her husband have owned Peak View Solar for 12 years. Together, they have been looking for a way to help the community.

“Recently, my mom had passed away, and she was a devout Catholic,” said Brodhagen. “And she was kind of just whispering in my ear to do something, so we picked the Marian House.”

The original plan was to donate 20 solar panels, but that quickly changed.

Brodhagen said, “We realized their need was far beyond the handful of panels that we had, so we contacted our distributors and stuff like that, got a little help from them and were able to take it from 20 panels up to 90 panels.”

And because of the new addition, the Marian House believes they can save up to $500 a month in energy cost savings.  And not only that, but a brand new gas operated tilt skillet also installed this week will save the Marian House an extra $3,500 a year.

In total, between the two new additions, the Marian House will save around $10,000 a year. 

Rochelle Schlortt, Chief Communications Officer with the Marian House, said, “Most of what we use here at the Marian House Soup Kitchen is donated, but we have about a $45,000 food budget. So when you think about that, that’s almost 25 percent of our food budget.”

And more solar panels could be on the way. Peak View Solar said they would love to add more to the Marian House and, potentially help other facilities in need.

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