Posted: Sunday, March 31, 2019 4:00 am

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City should go solar

Ronald Whitaker,

Odessa American

With so many tools to go solar, our city should be leading the way.

As a strong proponent of renewable energy, I was encouraged to see that mayors from every U.S. state including my own are calling for more solar energy to power their communities through a letter released by Environment America Research and Policy Center. The Mayors for Solar Energy letter articulates the many reasons we should be working to tap into the power of the sun, and Environment America Research and Policy Center’s new Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar toolkit lays out how cities like ours can lead the way.

Solar energy can translate to lower energy bills for residents, businesses, and the city government alike. Cities are particularly well-suited to lead the way when it comes to adopting solar power. We already have the rooftops and infrastructure needed to house solar panels, and our leaders can craft policies like those in Environment America´s toolkit to expedite the switch to solar power.

Burning fossil fuels pollutes our air, land, and water. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind mean powering our lives without those devastating impacts on the environment. Local air pollution can have devastating health impacts, contributing to higher rates of asthma among children and more asthma-related deaths among the elderly. Polls from the Solar Energy Industries Association show that nine out of ten Americans support solar energy. We know the support is there, and we can tap into that enthusiasm to power our community.


Sunday, March 31, 2019 4:00 am.

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