To quote Rush Limbaugh, roughly, “why do these people who claim to want to save the Earth, proceed to destroy our beautiful fields with solar farms?” They take away our peaceful dark nights with glaring LED lights, saying that they save energy. Well, fine, except that we can’t even look at the stars at night because of the ugly, depressing LED glare, and who in the world wants to live anywhere near a big field of solar panels?

Come on! Some common sense, please. No one can convince me that the energy collected from these panels can do anything good enough to justify these hideous fields. And how much do these panels cost, without all the government subsidies that solar has been getting from us poor saps, the taxpayers? Just give me back our beautiful world, and stop inventing these “Rube Goldberg inventions” (complicated gadgets performing simple tasks in indirect ways) which don’t make anything better.

Tonni Vando



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