“The project will be finished by the end of May and all of the projects are intended right around the same time,” said Project Manager, Tom Bird.

In the City of Lanesboro, about 2,500 of solar panels will be harnessing the power of the sun; providing about 20% of the community’s power.

“We will be purchasing 100% of the power that comes from this solar array, so it will go directly to our rate payers,” said Mayo Jason Resseman.

SEIA says the cost of installing solar panels has dropped by more than 70% over the past decade, which is reflected in the rates.

“The cost for solar has definitely dropped dramatically,” said Bird. “It’s one of the cheapest forms of energy production right now. The price of solar is very close to the price of natural gas right now.”

For Resseman, this is just another step towards lowering the community’s environmental impact. “We have been generating hydroelectric power for the last 125 years, we use that to augment our system in times of need,” he said. “We have also been introducing electric vehicle chargers around town. I think any step that we can take to help our rate payers through renewable resources is important.”

BluEarth owns two other solar fields in our region; one in St. Charles, Minnesota, and one in Forest City, Iowa.

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