A continued hearing for the ERG West Cat Canyon Revitalization Project scheduled for Wednesday was continued indefinitely by the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission at the request of the company that has purchased ERG.

TerraCore, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has purchased ERG, and a company official asked that the hearing be postponed to allow the company to evaluate the feasibility of adding a solar power component to the project.

A project engineer said it could be several months before TerraCore returns to the board with a revised project.

The company wants additional time to come up with potential revisions that will make the project more efficient and have less impact by reducing energy emissions, a company spokesman said.

Solar power would provide energy the project needs as well as mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, the spokesman said.

The spokesman said the company already has some experience with solar power and eventually plans to transition away from fossil fuels.

A memo from the Planning & Development Department said a new notice of the project hearing will be announced once a date is established.

The memo also said a report addressing any proposed modifications to the project and revisions to the environmental impact report, as well as responses to commissioners’ requests for information, will be provided and available to the public before the date of the continued hearing.

ERG — now TerraCore — is  proposing to add 187 new steam-injected oil and gas wells and two new steam generators on about 75 acres of the company’s 8,054-acre property in West Cat Canyon south of Santa Maria.


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