MERKEL, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A few Merkel students had the chance to learn about solar energy on Wednesday as part of the school’s early Earth Day celebration.

Schneider Electric presented solar cars cars to the students in one of the science classes at Merkel High School Thursday morning.

The students had 20 minutes to put the cars together, and then took them outside to race each other.

Schneider says the lesson is all about teaching students to use energy responsibly.

“I hope that the kids will begin to realize that we don’t always have to use non-renewable types of energy sources. When you think of your car or your parents’ car or maybe the students have cars. They’re probably using gasoline, so it’s interesting to start thinking of in the future we’re going to be using electric cars or maybe even solar cars,” says Schneider Electric’s Peyton Loposer.

Earth Day is this Monday, April 22.


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