What’s the update?

Delhi metro has for a long time been the lifeline of the city. With almost 210 trains plying across the city everyday, the amount of fuel consumption is no joke. But now, the DMRC is looking to catch two birds with one stone. The first one to improve the AQI in Delhi and the second and more important one- to become the world’s first fully solar powered metro system.

As of now, the DMRC has solar panels installed across many stations and hubs, from which it draws about 21 MW solar power. However, it needs about 180-200 MW electricity on an average for running daily.

The Facts

Beginning Thursday, almost 50-60 per cent of Delhi metro uses solar energy to power the trains and stations. The DMRC’s goal is to make the complete metro solar powered by 2021.

This is the first time that the Delhi metro is being powered by the environment friendly fuel. The first metro line to make use of this was the Violet Line- from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to Central Secretariat.

In the coming future, the goal is to make the entire metro environment friendly. The DMRC went on to say that their efforts were in symbiosis with the Rewa Solar Power Project. About the details, they said that every year, they will receive 345 million units of power to keep the trains up and running.

Whom will it benefit?

The change in the Delhi metro won’t affect the daily commuters, but is a change for the better. Currently, the Delhi Metro runs on either petrol or diesel- both of which are rather harmful for the environment. With the help of the solar energy, Delhi metro will become a cleaner and more eco friendly mode of transport.


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