solar PV installers
Featured image: City of Cape Town

Solar PV installers can
now register for training and assessment to become certified as PV GreenCard
installers, and receive fee reduction incentives of up to 100%.

Supported by the City of Cape Town, technicians and electricians who qualify will receive incentives of 75% (for men) and 100% (for women). The training takes five days, followed by a two-day competency assessment for the PV GreenCard.

A voluntary certification and industry-led quality label,
the PV GreenCard provides assurance to an installer and their customers that systems
are installed safely and to a very high standard.

The next available start dates for training and assessment (called ‘SuperSolarSchools’), hosted by Maxx-Solar and SARETEC in Cape Town, are on 27 May 2019, 12 August 2019, and 21 October 2019.

Installers are encouraged to register fast as classes fill
up quickly.

In terms of eligibility, every DOL registered electrician
qualifies for the incentive.

Electricians without DOL registration should ideally have
some of the following qualifications or experience:

·         Registered
DoL Electrician (Trade test and Wiremans)

·         Qualified
Electrician (Trade test only)

·         Electrical
Training (Electrician NQF 4)

·         Registered
Electrical/Solar PV Contractor

·         PV/Electrical
installation experience (Portfolio of Evidence – Reference)

·         Registered

PV installer assessments

According to GreenCape, SARETEC has held seven incentivised
PV installer assessments.

The addition of the incentivised training courses broadens opportunities for technicians and entrepreneurs to enter the renewable energy sector.

“The PV GreenCard will make me more marketable as a female
electrician,” says Azania, the very first female beneficiary of the full
incentive. “More female electricians should grab this opportunity. The training
was very valuable and I appreciate the hands-on experience it gave me.”

Since the pilot programme kicked off in April 2017, over 100
installers and electricians have been trained at SARETEC.

To register, visit: https://www.maxx-academy.org/upcoming/region-ZA/cat-13-supersolarschool-basic-and-advanced/location-Cape%20Town/ Use
the promotional codes GreenCape75 (male electricians) or GreenCape100 (female
electricians) to get the incentive.


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