Jacob Rees-Mogg explained that after Brexit he would use trade opportunities to improve Britain’s impact on the environment. He explained that with the removal of tariffs, after Brexit, the UK could import solar panels from China rather than Germany which are considerably more expensive in comparison to China’s. With Extinction Rebellion protests taking hold of London for the 6th day today, fears around the impact nations are having on the climate has heightened.

An LBC caller complained to Mr Rees-Mogg: “You and the Tories put the brakes on the subsidiaries for solar power and renewable energy.”

Mr Rees-Mogg replied quickly: “Well prices had come down dramatically, therefore, the subsidiaries bare no relations to the new prices.

“I’ll tell you what I’d do.

“I’d take the tariffs off so we could import cheap Chinese solar panels rather than having to buy expensive German ones.

“That is one of the things we can do once we leave the EU and that is a real boost to solar power.”

The LBC caller then replied: “I just get the underlying feeling that the Conservative Party doesn’t really believe in it.

“I remember going to Thailand in the 80s and swimming over a pristine coral reef.

“I went back there in the 90s and it was gone.

“Those reefs have been there for tens of thousands of years and they have disappeared in my lifetime.

The Tory MP answered: “You have put the challenge down and I’ll tell you what I believe.

“I believe that by improving the technology we can both improve living standards and the environment.”

Earlier in the show, Mr Rees-Mogg questioned the effectiveness of the protests around London and went as far to deem the demonstrators as selfish.

He also mocked the limited amount of support the Heathrow Airport protestors received and argued that protestors should not be skipping school and demonstrate only in the holidays.


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